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During the course of a website development, Digitrend ComServ may ask you to submit various materials suitable for marketing purposes. Digitrend ComServ is not responsible for obtaining any needed written permissions for authors of such materials, and that this responsibility lies solely with the customer, the purchaser of the website.

A contract may be cancelled within 3 days from signing. After 3 days, purchaser is bound to terms of the agreement. All websites created become property of Digitrend ComServ and may not be submitted to other individuals or companies for modifications without written permission from Digitrend ComServ.

All sales are final and non-refundable once paid in full. If down payment is made, only that amount is non-refundable. A 30% deposit, if collected upon acceptance of quote, is non-refundable after 3 days.

Upon sales meeting, customer and salesperson will discuss what features the website is to have (i.e. flash movie, graphics, links, arranged categories, contact, submission forms, layouts, etc.). Our website developers/programmers will then show a group of templates to customer. At that time our professionals will determine what type of design and programming languages will need to be utilized. This will be brought forward to the customer and explained. A free quote will also be submitted at this time and a 30% deposit may be required as a retainer fee.

Website construction will begin after contract is signed and necessary materials are brought forth. Once contract is signed, a 30% deposit is due to initiate work. Materials brought forth will then be analyzed and two different due dates will be made for customers. The first due date will be for all necessary items to be submitted (i.e. sales materials, brochures, pictures etc.). The second due date will be the estimated completion date for customers project. At this time, payment in full is due (unless special financing is established). Completion date may be changed at the discretion of Digitrend ComServ. If completed before estimated date, payment in full will still be due on this date. If completion date must be moved to a later date, payment in full will be due on this later date. It is customer's responsibility to submit all materials by due date specified. If all required materials are not submitted by due date, payment in full will still be due on completion date even if website is unable to be completed by this date due to untimely submission of materials. After completion date, project will enter into "upgrade status" and customer will have 14 days of free updates available (limited to pages already completed, additional pages will incur an added charge). Any materials submitted after this 14-day period will be added accordingly and an additional charge will apply for website upgrading.

Digitrend ComServ guarantees the lowest price in the industry of web design services. If before or after entering into this agreement, you obtain a written quote from another website design company that indicates a lower price based on the exact programming languages, design type and structure, Digitrend ComServ will beat this price by 10% of that amount. This does NOT apply to discounts or special promotions of any kind, it must be a regular price for website design and indicate such on the quote obtained. Quote must be from a company, not individual and must be signed by company representative confirming said amount. This guarantee remains in effect for up to 30 days from contract signing with Digitrend ComServ. Obtaining a lower priced quote does not release your obligation to the contract, however it only decrease the amount you must pay based on agreed terms. Lower priced quote must show an actual final total and/or terms similar to that of this contract.

Digitrend ComServ reserves the right to reject a request for lower price if submitted quote does not prove to be of a lower price. Quote must be from a USA company, in US dollars.

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