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Why choose Digitrend ComServ?
Why do I need a website?
Where do I start?
Where do we meet to get started?
Can I see the website while is under development?
Can I make the website myself?
Can I have a website even if I am not yet connected to the Internet?
Can we use our existing company logo and graphic?
How many changes can I make to my website during its initial construction?
When should my website be completed?
How much does a website cost?
How will prospective customers find my website?

Q Why choose Digitrend ComServ?
A Digitrend ComServ has over 20 years combined experience in the website design, graphic arts, and advertising. We have all the tools necessary for building you a successful online presence. Our programmers hold 4 year college degrees in Computer Science as well as business. Digitrend ComServ is with you every step of the way from day one to completion. In short, we're what you want - stability, affordable and honest.

Q Why do I need a website?
A There are two main reasons for building a website: Exposure and cost-effectiveness. Imagine spending only a fraction of the cost for advertising flyers, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, etc. Websites give companies access to billion of potential customers for an affordable rate, and have proven to be very effective. Most companies either would like a website or already have one, therefore, if you look at two of your competitors there is a good chance that one of them has an advantage over you simply because it have increased exposure through a website. Most companies have a www.name.com at the bottom of their ads, now it's time for you!

Q Where do I start?
A One reason some people veer away from website construction is that they believe it's an overwhelming concept. In some ways, it is. But that is why we are here. You pay us to deal with the overwhelming aspects of this field, and Digitrend ComServ will guide you every step of the way. A good start is to think of what you like on your website. Gather any materials, pictures, etc. and present them to us. If you have an idea of how you'd like your materials laid out on the website that will be an even better start. Basically, we will design it, and you approve it as we go along. The process goes by quicker than you may think. Please check out our process for more information.

A typical web site might contain the following pages:
  • Index page
  • Products
  • Services
  • Inquiry form
  • About us
  • Contact section

Q Where do we meet to get started?
A Digitrend ComServ is here for you, we prefer to come to your office if you're local and learn something about your company. This helps us when building your website. Our business may also be conducted by phone or email if you live long distance away. Digitrend ComServ has done websites for others around the world and communication is our top priority. You can send us information through email (if applicable) or through regular mail. The first step, however, is to send for your free no-obligation quote.

Q Can I see the website while is under development?
A Yes. Digitrend ComServ utilizes cutting-edge password login technology. We give all our customers a username and password so they can check the status of their work directly from the Digitrend ComServ homepage.

Q Can I make the website myself?
A Yes. There are software programs available for this, however, despite the slogans you see: "build your own website in 3 easy steps" or "no experience necessary" are usually as true as a unicorn with wings. To build a reliable and well-marketed website you need experience as well as a talent for art. So for your own sake, your business sake and your family sake you may want to consider having a quality website made by us.

Q Can I have a website even if I am not yet connected to the Internet?
A Yes. Internet connection is not necessary, but it is convenient when you want to view the status of your website. Most public libraries have Internet access if you choose to view your website status. But overall, you certainly do not need Internet access to reap the rewords of your website.

Q Can we use our existing company logo and graphic?
A Yes. Digitrend ComServ is able to scan your logo and graphic materials. This service is free of charge, unlike most other companies who will charge a fee for this.

Q How many changes can I make to my website during its initial construction?
A You can make as many changes as you wish, and we encourage as much input as you can give us. After all, it's your website! And since we charge a low price to begin with, and NO hourly charges, feel free to contact us during normal business hours. Your business helps us thrive and therefore, we consider you a part of us.

Q When should my website be completed?
A Websites can take as little as few days to a few months depending on the complexity of your project and your expectations. We establish 2 dates for our customers. The first is when all the materials for your project must be given to us. The second date coincides with the first date, which is when we expect your website to be completed. Therefore, the sooner you provide the information we need the sooner your website will be completed. An average website generally takes 10 to 14 business days assuming all materials are provided in time.

Q How much does a website cost?
A We do not charge by the hour and overcharge our customers. For regular HTML, our rate is $100/page. Some of our services are FREE. Please see our price list for full details. Digitrend ComServ offers the lowest price guarantee. So rest assure, no one can beat our prices.

Q How will prospective customers find my website?
A Digitrend ComServ will market your website free for life! We have a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in Internet marketing. Your website will be submitted to the top 30 search engines including Yahoo, Google and AltaVista. We also research other websites you may be able to advertise with; this may or may not require a fee. We take marketing to another level as well. As part of our free service, we will, at your request, distribute your literature and business card to others we feel may need your service.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be happy to assist you.
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